The End

“What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.” T.S. Eliot

“You can stop taking your blood pressure medicine. You no longer need it.” His welcomed words were the unbelievable end to a three-year journey. The beginning of that story, three years earlier, took place in his office with the words, “You are on the way to stroke, diabetes and early death.”

The gradual evolution of that journey reminds me of so many movies. There is often a good ending. And, if you are really observant, you may notice that the end of the movie oftentimes is just the beginning. Typical movie plots include:

  • Starting over. After overcoming a major obstacle, the main character is now ready to begin a new chapter in life.
  • Lesson learned. After realizing the error of failed thinking, the heroine now changes her behavior and becomes a better person. A new life begins.
  • Winning. The main character wins in business, relationship or achievement of a major goal. Life is great!

Sound familiar? At the end of the movie, we often imagine the next chapter . . .  the beginning.

Is it possible that the good ending to a movie might also be a blueprint for success? Huh? Think about when you have reached the end of some venture, project or goal. The end result is actually just the beginning. The start of something significant. In some instances, life-changing in a positive way.

The college degree is not the end. But, perhaps the beginning of a new career. The wedding day is hopefully not just the end result of a great romance, but the beginning of a new life. The search for that one and only job with many interviews finally ends up with that special job, which just happens to be the beginning.  The pregnancy that ends with a new birth is really just a new beginning for both parents and child. And retirement – don’t even get me started on this – is really just a beginning.

The major events in our lives in which we are the authors do not have to be endings.  They can be new beginnings. Every major goal we achieve can impact and affect the long-term. In fact, some goals that we achieve will affect the rest of our lives. Have you accomplished a goal that is doing just that?

If the end of great achievements is just the beginning, why not determine to accomplish one such goal every single year? To live this way is to raise the level of success in your life to extraordinary heights.  This is the only chance we get to live the only life we will ever live.

 The medical caution at the beginning of this edition was authoritatively spoken by my family doctor, who also has been a family friend for many years. Three years later, the elimination of the blood pressure medicine, representing great news and progress, was not the end. Several years later after accomplishing that worthy goal, my doctor would report new test results that were decidedly improved – ‘off the charts’ in a good way. All the numbers were very positive and better than might have been expected. During that visit, he made the comment, “These results are reflective of someone who is eating right and exercising regularly.” I could not have agreed more because diet and exercise became an integral part of my daily routine — I worked diligently at becoming such a person.  What a contrast to that moment when the future did not seem so bright.

 If this had been a movie, the end would have been that moment in the doctor’s office when I was told I had conquered my high blood pressure for which I no longer needed medicine. As important a moment in my health journey, it was only the beginning of new hope and a healthier lifestyle.

I am completely aware that my current health condition can change at any moment and I am not in charge of everything that might occur. But, this is a positive story that did not have an end, but a beginning. Everything in my life is impacted by my change in living a healthier lifestyle; a goal achieved and maintained.  The same is true for all major goals that are set in motion and achieved.  No endings . . .  no final destinations. Only beginnings. With each new beginning comes the possibility of raising an ordinary life to one that is extraordinary.

Do you want to live an exceptional life? The answer is simple, yet requires long, hard work.

What major goal do you want to achieve?  One that will be earth-shattering when you arrive at the destination of accomplishment.  A worthwhile effort that will forever change your life. You already know what it is, don’t you? It may take you a year to get there. Perhaps, even three years as in my own story.  But, the positive outcomes of that goal will affect the rest of your life. There really is only one question:

What are you waiting for?

 The End . . .

 The Beginning

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