“Your story is the most powerful book you will ever read” – Rob Hackbarth

Rob believes that stories are the most powerful tools available today to change lives. Through stories, one can change culture, teach a concept that is remembered and implemented, and inspire people to be their best. As a powerful storyteller, Rob adapts the evolving stories of his life to teach, inspire, and help others to implement practices that will help them to make positive changes throughout their lives. He believes that one single idea — at any moment in time, can be the difference for the rest of anyone’s life.

Rob Hackbarth | Speaker


Three principles of every successful life
The BET is based on the most powerful story of Rob’s life: The Baseball Game. This event would become the university class for developing three core principles that Rob used to create and grow a highly successful transportation company with 25 locations in 8 southeastern states. He will help his audience to gain an edge by employing simple tools based on the timeless principles of:

Winning Attitude

Simple Leadership
Leadership is Influence

Rob believes that everyone can be a leader. Being a leader does not depend on authority or control. You can be a great leader in your company, family, or community without holding any position. You do not need to have a degree or money. Rob defines leadership in simple terms and shows you — step by step — how you can become a person of influence. Through powerful stories, he illustrates the most important qualities a leader needs in order to influence others to follow him. This is leadership, defined and illustrated, in simple terms that everyone can understand. Rob ensures that his listeners will acquire the necessary knowledge in how to influence others, as well as the urgency to make a difference in the lives of people who surround you.

Overcoming Adversity

Discover tangible belief
Overcoming Adversity identifies the key elements in conquering any adversity in life. Rob uses real life stories he gleaned as the CEO of a company that successfully made it despite all odds seemingly against it. One major disaster almost closed the company in the early years, and then many years later a similar disaster challenged his company’s survival. After listening to Rob, you will have gained a new confidence about inevitable challenges ahead for you, and will have learned a simple plan that can be used to overcome adversities the rest of your life.

Mondays are Great!

Building a great life through a single day
When starting Hackbarth Delivery Services, Rob and his wife Carol performed most of their first deliveries. While making these deliveries and asking people “How are you?” many of the replies sounded like this:

“I can’t wait until this day is over.”

“I’m ok for a Monday.”

“I’ll be glad when it is Friday.”

“It’s Monday, what do you think?”

We now have “Hump Day” which really means Monday and Tuesday are not great and we can’t wait until Friday gets here so it’s the last day we have to suffer on our job.  Determined not to have such a culture in his company, Rob instituted the following description of a week in Hackbarth Delivery Service:

  • Mondays are Great!
  • Tuesdays are Terrific!
  • Wednesdays are Wonderful!
  • Thursdays are Tremendous!
  • Fridays are Fantastic!
  • Saturdays are Super!
  • Sundays are Sensational!

By determining to have a great week, you will surprisingly discover that you are having a great month! A great month leads to a great year . . . and great years create a great life. And . . . it all starts with having a great Monday! In his signature presentation, “Mondays are Great,” Rob offers the guarantee that by just changing one day a week, this can lead to changing your entire life. You will walk away never seeing Monday in the same way again.

Just One Thing

The power of less is… more
In our world of smart phones, electronic devices and endless technical options, we are ensured that our lives will be very busy. We no longer can do just one thing. Having large lists and agendas has created an environment with little focus. It is like we are spinning our wheels in the sand. We make a huge effort, tackling a long list of “to do” items. The result is less than satisfactory. We need shorter lists and efficient tools to ensure our success. Rob will show you how to create a simple plan that will promote increased success by concentrating on what really matters. This presentation takes time management to a critically important next level in a simple-to-understand manner. The audience will walk away with a new focus on doing the things that make a difference.

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