“It was a very, very powerful speech.”  –-Kirk Godby

“He touched me in many ways . . . ”   -Jeff Summer

“ The power we all have in ourselves . . . ”  -Donna Springer

“His presentation was very unusual”  -Rupert Selman

Here is what Rick McClelland had to say….

“Norman Vincent Peale once said… ‘Any fact facing us is not as important as our attitude toward it, for that determines our success or failure.’ Rob Hackbarth lives that by that proposition. You hear it and feel it when you listen to him speak. Rob’s passion and beliefs have been shaped over many years as he raised his family and built a large successful business with his wife Carol. And now, as a professional speaker, he helps people in his audiences achieve success on their own terms. Rob’s style is genuine, engaging, humorous and inspirational. He makes you want to TAKE ACTION and create positive change. He helps you understand ‘how’ you can approach your career and your life each day in a way that is rewarding and motivating. The guidance and tools he provides have been field-tested – and they work. That’s the bottom line.”

Rick McClelland is the former CEO of Dynamex, a transportation company with revenues in excess of $500 million at the time of his retirement.