Mondays are Great if You Have a Centerfielder

Be the Centerfielder | Mondays are GreatWho is a ‘Centerfielder’? The person who makes great plays in your life. He is the one whom you can call at 2:00am and know that he will come to your aid. He tells you what he thinks – not just what you want to hear. He desires success for you. Seeking no recognition, money or reward, he celebrates your victories.

When you win, receive a prize or get a promotion, your ‘Centerfielder’ is in the audience. As you go to the podium, he remains in the background, out of the limelight. But you know he is there because you can hear him cheering you on . . . “Way to go champion! I knew you could do it. You are a winner. Way to go!”

If you had a ‘Centerfielder’ in the past, you understand the impact he has. If you have such a person now in your life, you have the platform for great success. There is nothing that a Centerfielder will not touch and make better in your life. Since he is going to have great influence, you may want to have plenty of these special people in your life. You may want to get them as fast as you can.

How can you do it? The answer is easy. But, it will take everything you have to give.

Do you want centerfielders in your life? Be a Centerfielder! Be the person you most want to be. Be the change you need. Give support and love to others. Give without expecting anything in return.

One day, when you least expect and need it most, your ‘Centerfielders’ will be there. As you look back over your shoulder, there will be a line as far as you can see – those special folks standing there in love and in support of you.

Today, you are a Centerfielder. Your life is changing.


Tomorrow . . .



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