Define Attitude

“Define Attitude” was the request by Greg Williams, the host for the radio show, “Your Emerging Small Business”, lunch and learn series. It was directed at me as I was the guest speaker yesterday on his show. I told Greg and the listening audience that I used a three-part definition for attitude
The first part is what I call the glass half full. This was the mentality that Norman Vincent Peale so strongly talked about in his many books and speeches. When you think about this, a half full glass and a half empty glass have the same amount of liquid. But the title for each is different. The perception is different. That perception makes a huge difference in one’s life. This is all about how you see things.

The second part of my attitude definition is what I call confidence. It is the little train that could. “I think I can. I think I can”. The little train was able to climb to the top of the hill because it believed it could. So often, people in life, stop short of what they could have done all because they did not believe. No one should leave this earth with their music still inside them. Your music was given to you to play. Don’t let fear or lack of confidence stop you from succeeding.

The third part of my definition involves taking the words Great and Attitude and combining them to create a new word called gratitude. This is the attitude of thankfulness. It is all about appreciation. It is looking at life through the lens of interdependency. No one gets to the top without help from others. What do most folks say when interviewed after receiving a great award? They immediately start to thank people in their life that made a difference. This is gratitude. In fact, it is important in life to recognize our own need for help. This awareness is a success principle. It is the principle of getting others to help you and then thanking them from a spirit of humbleness. I call this the centerfielder principle in your life. Everyone needs a great centerfielder to make great plays to help you in the games you are pitching. We succeed in life through others. Gratitude is just recognizing what is already true.

When you add these three together, the positive approach – seeing the best, the confident approach – believing the best and gratitude, you have a powerful formula for great success. When you see success in any organization or family, you will almost always see these 3 ingredients and you will see them in great abundance.

Many folks spend thousands of dollars to go to seminars to try to gain some advantage in work or life. Others spend hundreds of dollars to buy books each year to find the message that will change their life. I have spent those thousands and hundreds over the years. I still spend this money. After all these years, I can truthfully say that there is nothing that will give you a faster and greater return than a change in attitude. It is the difference maker in life. If you want to do one thing that will change your world tomorrow, change your attitude

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