Rob talks about success from a position of real experience. He started a company with $500 capital, borrowed from his sister. From a very small beginning, he created a major successful transportation company with 25 locations over 8 southeastern states. He understands starting from scratch, doing any job that is required, and how to make a payroll when it is the hardest thing to do.

He can talk about overcoming adversity because he saved his company twice when survival was at stake. Then, when he faced his greatest challenge in life, his success formula – created from an early baseball game — changed his fate.

Rob learned how to win at the most difficult times in his life, when his back was to the wall and winning did not seem to be an option. He believes that if you can learn to win when all the odds are against you, then that experience and knowledge will positively and productively change your life forever. Anyone can learn to win. The solutions are simple. The execution will take effort. Rob will get you started on that path.

Rob has studied success in the ‘university classroom’ of a small company that he built into a major success. He knows this proven material because he has lived it! His presentations are powerful and effective because they always come from his heart.

Rob guarantees that you will be satisfied. He will customize his presentation especially for your organization’s needs. He can provide a keynote address or breakout sessions. He is available for half-day and full-day workshops.