When the odds are against you. . .
Make The BET

The BET is more than a success blueprint. It is the emotional, riveting story of how a 11-year old kid took the gift of a special baseball game and used it to develop a winning formula for how to beat the odds and succeed.  
With over four decades of experience as the founder and former CEO of Hackbarth Delivery Service, Inc., Rob identifies three core principles found in abundance in all highly successful individuals and organizations: 1) A winning attitude, 2) Passion based on the right incentives and 3) Exceptional teamwork. By the end of The BET, you will have a tested success formula filled with best practices and tools based on timeless wisdom.



“In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, an effective CEO and a mentor to many… Rob is a consummate story teller. He shares important life lessons and principles that can enhance your career, your business, and your family life.”    

Rick McClelland, CEO Advisor
Former Chairman and CEO, Dynamex, Inc.