The Voice

“If we always helped one another, no one would need luck.”   Sophocles (996-906BC)

The gallbladder surgery is over and Lucille, my mom, is now settled in her hospital room. After talking for a few minutes, it is apparent she wants to rest. My dad, Carol, my wife, and I go to the cafeteria for coffee and a snack.

After a few minutes, Carol returns to check on Mom – an ultimately fateful decision. Dad and I stay behind, continuing our conversation.

About 20 minutes later, after a short walk from the cafeteria, we return to Mom’s room. She is now awake and speaking with Carol. Something is not right. I sense it. The atmosphere is filled with non-verbal communication. You just know, don’t you?

Carol begins to relate the developments occurring during the short time we were in the cafeteria. Discovering a lot of blood on the hospital bed sheet when entering the room, she quickly summoned a nurse to fix the malfunctioning IV on Mom’s arm. Carol insisted they clean up all evidence of the blood leak before Dad and I return, stating to the nurse, “If her husband and son see this, they will freak out!” This was a serious, scary mishap requiring urgent medical attention. (It is possible that the more sophisticated IV pumps currently in use automatically alert clinical staff when something goes wrong).

I do know that Carol made a difference advocating for Mom in that frightening moment while she was sleeping. Carol was Mom’s voice! Most of us have experienced, or know about friends and family members who have held vigil by someone infirmed in the hospital to serve as that person’s voice. Have you been such a champion on behalf of someone in need?

Every single day, all over the world, individuals and corporate representatives enter court rooms knowing that the outcome will impact their lives in a significant manner. Most of us in this situation want someone to represent us, such as an attorney. We hear jokes often made about lawyers, but we all want and need them flanking us if an important element affecting us is at stake.

It makes sense to have such a voice representing us in a medical situation, in the hospital when we cannot speak for ourselves, or in court – right? Unless we are legal counsel or clinicians, medical settings or courts are not places where we spend much time. What about a representative in normal day-to-day living? Someone to be your voice – supporting and guiding you, when you most need them? If a person makes a difference within a challenging environment like a hospital during a difficult time, like Carol did that day for my mom, does it makes sense that such a person might have an even greater impact in the normal course of your life? The answer is . . . Yes.

I am blessed to have more than one voice representing my interests. And, they make a huge difference. More than one book would be required to share the stories of the special voices who have supported me. How about you? If this makes sense to you, why not work on cultivating more special allies, ensuring that there will always be at least one such person waiting in the wings to help you during difficult circumstances?

How do you know if you already benefit from such a representative? Here are a few questions to help provide invaluable answers:

Does this person want the best for you?

Will they tell you the truth? (Accept that they may not always agree with you).

Do they celebrate your victories? Then you know that they are rooting for you!

Here is one simple question that will fully answer whether a person meets such a test: Can you call this person at 2:00am, knowing in advance they will come to help you? I have made such a call, and others have confidently called for my assistance in the middle of the night.

If such a person exists within your sphere, you have the gift of a significant element ensuring a successful life. Do you want to be more successful? Surround yourself with as many of these special voices – caring individuals – as soon as you can. Continue this pattern throughout the rest of your life.

How? Simple to answer – not so easy to implement. First and foremost, become the person on whom others can call at two o’clock in the morning for your help. Be that voice for others. One day, you will wake up and find a long line of grateful friends and family who will help you in every part of your life.

Be a voice!

Find a voice.


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