Ten Words

“Confidence is going after Moby Dick in a rowboat and taking tartar sauce with you.”     Zig Ziglar

Standing at the end of the long hallway – the entrance to the kitchen where my mom is busy cooking – I point one finger in the air, and with great confidence, shout the 10 words that will forever change my life.

I have decided that I am going to accomplish a special goal today. It is unlikely (I am only 10 years old). The odds are greatly against me. Even some of the most renown professionals never accomplish this goal in a whole lifetime. Yet, here I am, confidently declaring that I will get it done today!

That moment, forever seared into my memory, was over 50 years ago. The level of confidence for achieving my special goal sharply contrasted with the facts concerning the odds of my attaining such an objective.  I actually believed I would accomplish something that was very unlikely to happen. Poles apart. Impossible goal versus unwavering belief.

How important is ‘belief’ in the achievement of the goals we seek in life?  If it mattered so much on a day when the probability was not likely, how much difference might it make in the routine goals we seek?  How much difference does belief matter in our determination toward an easily-achievable effort?

Belief matters . . . before we ever hope to persuade others who will lend assistance in our effort; before we have persuaded our closest allies; before we ever convince our team members;  before we successfully impel those who are not yet persuaded. Before we persuade those we most need to assist and support our effort, we need to persuade the most important person in our goal:  Ourselves!

The greatest predictor of what you will accomplish in life is . . . what you believe you will accomplish in life.

What were the 10 words I proclaimed to my mother?

“Today, I am going to pitch a no-hit shutout game!”

 As a Little League pitcher, this goal was given birth by a casual morning conversation with David, an encouraging neighborhood  friend.  The lessons I would learn from this event would become the foundation for a success formula that I would use for the rest of my life. It is the subject of my next book, The BET, which will be published later this year. You will want to read the complete story. Fifty-years-plus later, I am still affected by what I learned during that game.

What does it mean for me today?  Belief. It matters what we believe. For anything we intend to do in life, unequivocal personal belief is the starting point, the middle point, and the ending point. Weaved into the fabric of successful goal-achievement is unwavering, can’t fail, fully confident, belief.

We may not reach all of our goals just by simply believing. But, how successful would we be if our belief wavers, becomes tepid, or the initial full measure of our confidence wanes?

Do you want to accomplish great things in life? Start with yourself. Start with your personal belief.

Today, I believe . . .