Powerful Practice

The most powerful success principle of the 21stCentury is available to you right now – you can start using it today.  I was reminded of this powerful practice during a recent weekend when our oldest granddaughter, Gabrielle, brought four of her friends to stay with us during their visit to Mobile. I love to interact with young people. And, the experience is a bonus if one of the guests happens to be a grandchild.

One morning, while eating breakfast, I asked if any of them were involved in phubbing. Except for Gabrielle, the look on their faces revealed that they were not familiar with this term. All of my family knows this word because of multiple conversations which I have orchestrated. The Oxford dictionary describes phubbing as ‘the practice of ignoring one’s companion or companions in order to pay attention to one’s phone or other mobile device’.  All of us have experienced this with family and friends. Conversations are often derailed by phubbing.

Once the young ladies heard the definition, they took control of our conversation and talked about their own experiences. I was heartened by what I heard.  They each could relate to occurrences defined by the term, and had already started to make choices about their response to phubbing by their own friends.  I listened intently, finding hope for the future.

I expressed to Gabrielle and her friends my delight in their response. I reminded them that studies had already been conducted indicating numerous negative effects resulting from phubbing. There will be many other studies on this current phenomenon in the future. Smartphones are not going away. Our new electronic world will not disappear. The way we live our life in the future is going to revolve around an electronic environment. But, the choices of how we live in this new world will be up to us.

What is the most powerful success principle of the 21stCentury? Recently I learned the answer to this question while reading an article written by Christina DesMarais that appeared in the publication, Contributing Inc.(Inc.com). The title of the article was, “16 Daily Habits High Achievers Say Help Them Be the Best Versions of Themselves.”  Of the 16, seven dealt with our electronic world. This came as no surprise to me.   Each element represented a key central habit of a highly successful individual.  I recommend reading this article to learn about these powerful insights.

Electronic interference is real. It is shaping our world. Negative effects are only going to increase. We are left with an important and life-changing decision: What are we going to do about this? How are we going to live our life in this new world? The choice about this one area is likely to effect a lifetime in adjustments and in learning.

I was completely struck by the radical habit revealed in the article. Completely drastic and profound. I found myself in complete agreement.  I believe this best practice represents one of the most powerful success principles of this era.

Silence your phone 

Silence my phone? You must be kidding, right? You mean to turn it off? Unplug it? Yes! Turn it off! Put it in your safe! Leave it behind at home. Do not carry it into a meeting. Put it in another room when conversing with someone at home. Instead of putting it face down, turn it off.

Silence your phone.  

 Do you have the courage to shut your phone off? Yes, actually turn it off. Unplug it.  Can you set aside all phones during a meeting? Actually, leave your phone outside of the meeting room. When talking to another person, can you complete the entire conversation without once looking at your phone? Can you put your phone down and not carry it from room to room?  Can you respond to texts or emails once or twice a day instead of constantly? Can you embrace totally silenced electronics just one hour each day? Can you take a vacation from all electronics for a single day? Will you . . . write down the question mulling around in your mind. You know best and truly understand the electronic interference in your life. What is it? What are you doing about it?

Multiple studies are already completed. Others are on-going. Many more will follow. The science is unrefuted. The damage is real. The choice is ours. This may be the most powerful success practice of the 21stCentury. Will you adopt it?

Today, I will . . .

Silence my phone.