No Cost

‘I would have attained my college degree but I did not have the money because . . .’

‘We had a chance to buy that stock before it doubled but . . .’

‘I was going to be a . . . but then . . . happened and I . . .’

 You have probably listened to the conversation of a family member or friend who looks back with some regret on how life has turned out. Bad breaks and disappointments are often part of the dialogue.  Perhaps, you have been the one sharing some of the personal outcomes of your own life. Even the most successful of us are not happy with some parts of our life.

Some critics would call such a dialogue nothing less than a long list of excuses. Others might characterize the results as fate. Still, others might suggest that it is ‘just life.’ Murphy’s law. Bad luck. Stuff happens.

Countless reasons can be applied to how our life turns out. It is very tempting to attribute failure in any endeavor as an excuse. I choose not to do that, because I believe that some of life’s occurrences are simply that – things that happen in life.  Bad luck? Sure, it does happen. The classification of what happens in life does not matter as much as our response to what happens. What we do after what has occurred matters.

When events transpire that are disappointing and not my choice, I inherently rely on three main doctrines as the basis of my response.   I would like to tell you that I resort to this thinking immediately, but at times it is a slow process. The three elements are:

  1. My personal faith
  2. Powerful principles
  3. Others

My personal faith leads me to believe that there really are events and outcomes in which I have no control. In these situations, I seek a spiritual answer. I wish I could tell you that I am great at doing this, or that I am constantly full of peace and joy.  In fact, I often have more questions than answers when it comes to the spiritual side of my life.  Yet, I do believe. And, that belief has helped me a great deal. How about you?

I also believe that I was made to succeed. Part of my life purpose is to enrich my own life and those around me – to make things better. Not status quo. It is in this area of settling for second-best where we often get sidetracked. What we can do is often the same area where excuses are born.  ‘I could have done this, except for. . .’  You finish the sentence.  There is often a ‘but,’ or an ‘except,’ or some platitude that explains why we are not successful.

It is amazing that in any area of our influence, much of what we can do does not cost a cent. And ironically, the no-cost items have the greatest effect on our situation. Look at these powerful principles that cost nothing but may change everything about your circumstances:

Start with a great attitude

Invest more time

Be passionate

Be coachable

Seek counsel



Eat healthy

Get adequate sleep

Do extra

Have a great work ethic

Be energetic

Using any available resource, like the Internet, research helpful information

Emulate successful people who inspire you . . . and

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When things go south in life, the first important thing that usually departs is a good attitude.  And yet, the most significant part of surviving any disaster is having a positive and confident attitude. The most reliable and needed solution may be the last one we choose.

At the innermost core of any successful venture is a solid belief that it could and would be done.  Where is your belief today? Is it helping or hindering you?

If a friend, or you, are in a challenging situation, sit down and think about what you can do to make things better. If monetary factors exist, pursue what is cost-free.  Carefully choose what you believe will have the most significant impact. Start today with one thing that will make a difference.

There is a bonus: You do not have to wait until the next crisis to enjoy and utilize any of these low-cost tools. You can take a great situation right now and make it even better!

Finally, ask others to help you. The surprising discovery is that there are many people who genuinely want to help you. And, they will help you, if you ask. No one succeeds in life without a team. Your group is made up of a lot of individuals surrounding you. As you consider the individuals comprising your ‘team,’ you will find support from a multitude of caring friends and family.  If you needed help today, which two members of your special squad can you call on for assistance?  Call them . . . today!

At no cost, today I will . . .

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