Mondays Rock!

“Monday’s are great!” Rob Hackbarth

Diane Lang, life coach and speaker, says that ‘Mondays rock’! Wow! For someone who has always believed that Mondays are great, this may be a step higher in positive thinking for me. She has written a blog, titled 6 Reasons Mondays Rock.   Her article identifies these six reasons:

  1. Mondays always feel like a fresh start
  2. Monday is a day of productivity
  3. Monday is a chance to make a difference
  4. Monday is a challenge day
  5. Mondays come with a routine and a schedule
  6. Mondays are a great shopping and errand day

This is a short article that I recommend you read. I believe my wife, Carol, will appreciate the one about shopping. But, she believes that all seven days of the week are great shopping days.

You will find on my website another list of reasons why Mondays are great. The last 40 years of studying and really living this mindset, has inspired me to write several articles on the subject. Yet, it amazes me when I discover the writing of other authors whose lists are different reasons for a great day.  What I conclude from the varying ideas from among these authors is a very simple fact: We choose our own attitude on Mondays. We choose what it means to us.

We can read numerous articles on positive thinking about Mondays. Just type in “Mondays are Great” on your web browser and you will find many options. We may identify with some of these choices and make others of our own. But, the most important fact is this – In the end, we choose what Monday means to us.

Not just Monday, but every day of our lives, we choose what it means. If we believe it is better or worse than other days, our belief becomes reality. And that choice affects our week, and weeks affect months and years. Our lives are at stake.

What does this Monday – today – mean to you? What do you want it to mean? Is it time to consider a new way of thinking about Mondays? Is it time for you to make your own choice?  No author can do it for you. What you choose matters.

“Mondays are great!” (Says Rob Hackbarth)

“Mondays Rock!” (Says Diane Lang)

Mondays are . . . says . . .

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