The MAG (Mondays are Great) Concept
started back at the beginning of Hackbarth Delivery Service.

Back then, Rob and his wife Carol performed a lot of their first deliveries. He noticed when making deliveries and asking people “How are you?”, that often times the replies were negative. People would say things like “I am ok for Mondays” or “I can’t wait until this day is over” or “I will be glad when it is Friday”. Or “It’s Monday, what do you think?” Rob still hears these comments today although rarely in his own company because of their culture towards Mondays.

We have all heard of Hump day which is the description for Wednesdays. This concept states that the first three days are an uphill challenge. It takes all of Wednesday to get over the hump, which says very little for Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. There is a chain restaurant called TGIF which stands for Thank Goodness It’s Friday. Many see Friday as sort of a day of relief because it is the last day one has to suffer before the only two days that count which are Saturday and Sunday.

Although Rob witnessed these comments often in his own life, he never bought into this kind of thinking. In fact, he started thinking and acting as a counter culture to terrible Mondays and replaced it with Great Mondays.

His logic led me to believe that no one, if given a real choice in life, would ever choose to live only for two days out of the seven days in a week. Life is short and he quickly concluded that he wanted the most out of this short time frame on earth. He could not waste Mondays or for that matter, any day of the week.

What is the week like at Hackbarth Delivery Service?
What is Rob’s week like?

  • Mondays are Great (Marvelous if you like alliteration)
  • Tuesdays are Terrific
  • Wednesdays are Wonderful
  • Thursdays are Tremendous
  • Fridays are Fantastic
  • Saturdays are Super
  • Sundays are Sensational

If you learn to have a great week, you will find yourself having a great month. A great month will lead to a great year. Great years will lead to a great life. It starts with just one day. Mondays are Great is the road to a great life.

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