Mondays are Great, If You Have MMM.

Mondays are Great, If You Have MMM.What is MMM?

MMM stands for “Monday Morning Music.”

Following is an excerpt from my new book, The BET, which will be published early next year (2015):

“How do I use music in my life? I have created seven playlists of music – one for each day. Programmed on my smart phone and computer are the treasured songs that touch every corner of my life. I have a special playlist for Mondays, titled my “Getting Started for the Week Music.” All of my tracks have variety. Some are older songs that enhance special memories of the past. Encouragement is the purpose of a few which help me to get excited about winning in some contest or effort. Some are my favorite spiritual songs that connect me to church or to people of faith. There are those that bring back wonderful memories of people gone from this world and the places where we connected.”

Music is one way I create passion on Mondays. While exercising, I play all the songs I like – the ones that mean something to me. Powerful . . . penetrating . . . and personal describe my experience with my songs. Music encourages,inspires, educates, surprises, reminds and promotes; the end result is that wonderful feeling of goodness, from my head to my toes. It’s like walking barefoot in the grass, or that soothing feeling after a good walk, or the specialness you feel after an intimate conversation with your spouse.

By the time I finish my exercise routine, I am full of enthusiasm! Thank you, dear God, for the music in my life. Monday Morning Music starts my day with passion. Passion is one key to having a great day. And music is a path to finding that passion.

In our current world of technology, the choices for devices to play music at economical prices are many. No excuse for anyone that wants to start their week off on the right foot.

Discover a great beginning to your week. Find passion. Discover the music in your life, your own personal music.

Mondays are Great!

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