Just Coffee

“Life is an echo. What you send out, comes back. What you sow, you reap. What you give, you get. What you see in others, exists in you.” Zig Ziglar


As Matt approaches the counter, he remembers what had happened just a week earlier in this same convenience store. As he pulled out his wallet to pay for a cup of coffee, the clerk told him that an elderly gentleman who had just left the store had already covered the cost of his beverage. Matt hurriedly sought and found this thoughtful man in the parking lot and had the opportunity to properly thank him.

Now, a week later and next in line, Matt notices that the elderly gentleman is again in the store, but this time behind him in line. Hmmm, inspired by his benefactor, he thinks . . . role reversal. Recalling the recent kind gesture toward him, Matt seizes this perfect opportunity to return the favor. He pays for the good Samaritan’s cup of coffee and slips out the store before the gentleman gets to the counter.

This simple deed brings joy to Matt, and as he starts to drive out of the parking lot, it gets even more memorable when he sees the very animated (and obviously, determined) gentleman running toward his car, shouting to get his attention. Matt stops the car and rolls down the window to hear the kindly older gentleman, exuberantly thanking Matt for his thoughtfulness.

Such a small gesture. Matt, now sharing this story with me, is making a point about how something so simple and seemingly inconsequential can make a difference. He adds, “I can be motivated all day long on someone buying me a cup of coffee.”  Amazing! Is this true? Can we affect our attitude with something as small as a coffee purchase? Absolutely! Yes!

Less than a buck. A better attitude, compliments of some change in my pocket. As I listen to Matt’s recent coffee stories, I note that he is making a significant point — and he wants me to grasp the unspoken blessings. I fully embrace our conversation.

Random acts of kindness. Paying it forward. Doing something incognito. Helping another without being asked. You may have your own terminology for these moments in life.

Often, any act of kindness enriches our attitudes in a huge way. But, why? Why does something so small have such a big impact? Is there a success principle hidden among these small moments?

We choose our attitude in life.   In this moment. In the moments that make up this day and week and month. In the months that make up this year. And the years that make up our lives. We choose our attitude. It starts with this moment. Right now.

If a good deed that costs less than a dollar can result in a great attitude for today, why not choose a great attitude for absolutely no cost? Is that possible? Yes! And, if doing something that is little cost provides a catalyst for helping us to choose a positive attitude, why not jumpstart our attitude every single day?  And using Matt’s philosophy, why not make this entire day great because of this single instance.

Little cost. No cost. Attitude. The success principle that provides the largest return for the smallest investment. We choose our attitude in life.

“I can be motivated all day long on someone buying me a cup of coffee.”

Today, I choose success. 
I choose a positive attitude. 

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