I Believe in You

“Some people can’t believe in themselves until someone else believes in them first.”– Sean Maguire, from the movie, Good Will Hunting

Call itdestiny. Providence. Throughout my life, people surrounding me have believed in me! Starting with my beloved parents. My mother, Lucille, and my dad, Alfred, made a significant difference by placing their complete confidence in me. Additional advocates include my three sisters, two daughters, eight grandchildren . . . and, the most transformational enthusiast, my partner and wife, Carol.

How about you? Who in your life has had faith in you? And, has their credence and support for you made a difference in your journey toward success? The answer is a resounding yes!  Our allies and life team members represent a consequential component in what makes for a successful voyage. The environment created by our helpers is the birthplace of inspiration. And inspiration is the foundation for anything worthwhile we want to achieve.

I have found supporters to be major catalysts and central components of my personal success, enough that I would equate this principle as a formula all by itself.

Among the most powerful words anyone will ever say to you are: “I believe in you.” Each believer who becomes a reliable and consistent advocate adds one more link in the chain of great success. I call these special people ‘centerfielders.’

‘Centerfielders’ are those who are willing to make big plays for us without cost or personal benefit. They want no recognition. Our own personal success is their fervent desire. The discovery of such individuals is a complete game-changer. We are never the same after a centerfielder joins our team, adding support for our efforts.

How can we discover and encourage once-in-a-lifetime champions to join our team? The answer is very simple. But, the solution will require everything we have to give.

How do we get centerfielders?

Be a centerfielder.

Be a centerfielder for others. Support without any cost. Seek no return for the personal sacrifice you make on behalf of another. Desire success for others as much as you want your own triumphs. Be in the audience cheering on the day when that person receives an award of honor.  One day, you will look over your shoulder and discover a line as long as you can see of the centerfielders willing to make great plays for you.

Everyone needs love throughout their lives. We want someone to have faith in us. Every time this happens, the possibilities for positive outcomes in our own endeavors increase. The best and fastest way to gain centerfielders on our team is to first be a centerfielder for others.


I will tell others in my life

I believe in you.

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