Five Minutes

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.Old Chinese proverb.

When searching through your web browser for the topic, “how to be happy,” massive articles and opinions written about this subject suddenly appear on your computer screen.  Within each article are lists of options you can consider and adopt as part of your thinking, promising the result of happiness.

We all want happiness, individually, as well as contentment for the important people in our lives. For the working class, is not one of the goals of employment earning a paycheck, providing the benefit of purchasing things that can make us happy?

There is a lot of advertising promoting products and services we can purchase to enhance our satisfaction. Many authors have written books on the subject of happiness, with the sole purpose of convincing the reader to focus on “me.” Has this constant parade of product commercialization ever prompted you to wonder . . . “Is this all there is?!”

When arriving at such a moment, I stop to contemplate the fact that I had no control on a lot of events and decisions affecting my current situation. We had no choice in many outcomes; and, we have been dealt a lot of cards we did not request. Stuff happens. Life moves on.

Even in selecting wrong choices, our current status is not changed by what we may understand. We can change future alternatives, but lack the ability to alter past choices affecting our happiness today . . . they are ‘in the books,’ so to speak.

Is happiness something we should seek?  Within the context of my definition of success, my reply is, yes. Success is being and becoming the best at what I am meant to be and do in life. I believe the greatest contentment comes from doing what we are destined to do with our lives. Do you agree?

What do we need to move closer to our destiny, if we are not there now, or to advance in this destiny if we have arrived?   Just five minutes.

Just five minutes of your time to think about being “you” and becoming more of “you” in the future. The old Chinese proverb, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” is actually true. You CAN do a lot in a mere five minutes!

Take time to sit down with your computer, Smartphone or a blank sheet of paper to ponder this question: What am I meant to do in life? Am I doing this now? If not, what steps (tiny steps count) can I make to get started on this journey? If I am already doing what I am meant to do, how is my progress? What can I do to ensure the advancement of my destiny?

You may be surprised (I am no longer) at the insights you have about your own life. You also may be surprised that you can actually make serious progress in answering important questions within just five minutes of contemplation. The most serious life-changing questions can be considered in five minutes of time. They can and should be.

Future five-minute sessions might include these questions:

  • What is the first step I need to take to make progress on my destiny?
  • What can I do this week or month?
  • Who can I use as counsel to help me accomplish my dreams?
  • What resources do I need that I currently do not have?
  • If failure is not an option, what do I most need to do now?
  • What additional questions do I need to ask and answer?

By devoting just five minutes every day to thinking about who you are meant to be and what you are meant to do in life, you will get better at creating vital questions, discovering new and life-changing answers.

Tomorrow, take the list you started and select one thing you can work on now. Explore what you need to do to accomplish this step. Write down whatever is blocking your progress and how you can solve the challenges.

Every single day for the rest of your life, spend five minutes working on your destiny. One day in the future you will discover that five minutes cannot contain all the idea possibilities that are escalating in your head! You will need more than five minutes. Even more important, you will actually want more time.  You will dedicate the time. No one will need to encourage you or coach you to take such action. At this point, you will find yourself in the driver seat of the vehicle that is your life.

For those who are already engaged in their life’s destiny, these five minutes are essential. How can you improve on what you are doing?

You get to your destiny one day, one step, at a time. It cannot be accomplished in a single day; it will take many successive days to achieve.  Progress on any day of your life can be made with just five purposeful minutes.

If you are not currently doing what you are meant to do, you cannot afford to miss any more of the daily exercise of five minutes. If you are doing what you are meant to do, then these five minutes are like taking advance courses for the rest of your life.

How much available time do you have today to work on your destiny?

Do you have five minutes?