“A man’s character may be learned from the adjectives which he habitually uses in conversation.”   Mark Twain

If you had 10 words that would accurately  describe you, which 10 adjectives would you use?  What would be the 10 words you would like for others to use in describing you? Finally, do you know what words other people would use in describing you?

Fill in the blanks:

“I am” (insert the adjective that best describes you)

“I am . . . “(using an adjective that others would use in describing you)

“I am . . .” (inserting the adjective you would like others to use in describing you)

Probably, the ‘real you’ incorporates all three perceptions. As the human race, we are complicated. Accurate terminology that would describe any individual is non-existent.  Adjectives and descriptive phrases that define a person are limited.

But, words are what we have. And words are powerful. I remember the slogan we used as kids when others said unkind things . . . do you remember it?

‘Sticks and stones may break my bones

But words will never hurt me.’

We all know this is not the truth. Words can harm. Words can also heal, encourage, motivate and support.

There  are 10 meaningful words  I use in describing those surrounding me who need my love and encouragement. I also use these words in speeches and training. Finally, these important designations are part of my daily morning prayer and meditation. I would hope that others would describe me in these terms, and that I would recognize them as part of who I am.  It is not a destination, but a journey.

Ten Powerful Words for Positive Change

 Generous                           Courageous                              Grateful

Positive                              Passionate                                Active

Confident                          Truthful                                     Creative


Notice the collective inter-weaving support of these substantive words. It is easier to be truthful if you are principled in the first place. It is easier to be confident if you are active and positive. It is easier to be generous if you are first grateful. It is easier to be courageous and positive if you are first confident. What combinations work best for you?  Start with one word and others will begin to flow with your life.

Words matter in our success journey. Words are powerful!

 Any  powerful word used in describing us, can influence and change our lives in a huge way. One description, adopted and practiced, could be the difference in complete life-changing. I speak from personal experience.

A baseball game at the age of 10 made a major difference for my entire life. From that experience came a formula which contains three powerful words: Belief. Enthusiasm. Team. I have worked hard over the last 40 years to make these words, and the representing principles,  part of my daily practice.  What came out of that experience was, and continues to be, my success formula for life.

If you believe in yourself and others, have great enthusiasm for what you do and act as a team, you will succeed.  This powerful sentence that has forever impacted my life is what I covet as a legacy  for my children and grandchildren.

Dear Grandchildren:

At any age of your life – young  middle-age, older—you  will succeed if you believe in God, yourself and others; if you have great passion for what you do; and your  actions and contribution reveal a team mindset; and, helping others and allowing others to help you. Find centerfielders (people who want you to succeed as much as you yearn for success, yet, expecting nothing in return for their support); and being a centerfielder for others.  You will succeed in life through a foundation built on principles of faith, passion and teamwork. Success is being and becoming the best at what you are meant to be and do in life.



Rob’s Simple Daily Formula for Success

Belief – I  start each day with a positive, prayerful attitude, looking for potential and possibilities. Two beliefs I repeat often are:’I can do it if I believe I can.’  ‘We can do all things through God who strengthens us.’

Enthusiasm – I create passion by focusing on right incentives. I know my ‘why’—the reasons why I am here . . .  grandkids, mission and  purpose. Success is found at the intersection of what I do well and what I love to do. Passion is the success multiplier of life.

Team – I look for help from others, and I am willing to help others. I am not alone. I believe in a God that passionately loves me. I depend on centerfielders to make great plays for me. I am a centerfielder for others who need my help.

What event has had a great, positive impact on your life like the baseball game did for me? What words now describe you because of that powerful moment? Have you completed the work of making those words a description of how you now live?

What is your daily formula for success? Do you have a daily formula?

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