Beach Life

“Simplicity. . . It’s like a step we’ve forgotten how to dance, a native language we’ve forgotten how to speak in a rushy complex world.”    Sandy Gingras As I turn right on Walker Key Boulevard, a special calmness comes over me. I slow down to negotiate the first of four strategically placed speed bumps on the entrance street to our beach condo community. River, our pet canine, raises up in the back seat in a Pavlok-type  response to the bumps, noting that we have arrived. My wife Carol says … [Read more...]

Mondays Rock!

“Monday’s are great!” Rob Hackbarth Diane Lang, life coach and speaker, says that ‘Mondays rock’! Wow! For someone who has always believed that Mondays are great, this may be a step higher in positive thinking for me. She has written a blog, titled 6 Reasons Mondays Rock.   Her article identifies these six reasons: Mondays always feel like a fresh start Monday is a day of productivity Monday is a chance to make a difference Monday is a challenge day Mondays come with a routine and … [Read more...]

Empty The Tank

“ . . . full effort is full victory.”  Mahatma Gandhi Did you get to see the recent Women’s World Cup Soccer Tournament?  The USA Team won in the finals against Japan, with a score of 5 to 2. The same two teams faced each other in the finals four years ago, with Japan coming away with the victory. What caused the change in results? Carli Lloyd, a key USA player who scored three goals in the game, has been interviewed a number of times, before and after the game.   During interviews and in … [Read more...]

Mondays are great if you start with a positive attitude.

Here is what Michael, Charles and others say about attitude. "You altitude in life depends on your attitude in life." Zig Ziglar "Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation." Michael Jordan "Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year." Ralph Waldo Emerson "The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude." Oprah Winfrey "Hope is a waking dream." Aristotle "If you think you can do a … [Read more...]

Mondays are Great, If You Have MMM.

What is MMM? MMM stands for “Monday Morning Music.” Following is an excerpt from my new book, The BET, which will be published early next year (2015): “How do I use music in my life? I have created seven playlists of music – one for each day. Programmed on my smart phone and computer are the treasured songs that touch every corner of my life. I have a special playlist for Mondays, titled my “Getting Started for the Week Music.” All of my tracks have variety. Some are older songs that … [Read more...]


If you read books, you are familiar with the dedication page, placed in the front section. The author dedicates his book to people who have made a difference in his life. Sometimes those revered people have passed away. Often, it will be special family members who may still be living. The influence these people have is commonly the reason why the author pays tribute to them in that special place – the Dedication. I acknowledge 12 family members in the dedication of my first book which … [Read more...]

Mondays are Great if You Have a Centerfielder

Who is a ‘Centerfielder’? The person who makes great plays in your life. He is the one whom you can call at 2:00am and know that he will come to your aid. He tells you what he thinks – not just what you want to hear. He desires success for you. Seeking no recognition, money or reward, he celebrates your victories. When you win, receive a prize or get a promotion, your ‘Centerfielder’ is in the audience. As you go to the podium, he remains in the background, out of the limelight. But you know … [Read more...]

Ten Reasons Why Mondays are Great

1) I live in America. This is the best country in the world. People are crossing our borders daily to get here. Our forefathers gave us a Constitution that is the best in the world. You really can live your dream in this country. 2) Monday is ‘opportunity day. ’ Many are suffering from a false belief that something is wrong about Mondays. It is the best day to get ahead of the competition. 3) I have love in my life. People I love, and who love me, include Mom, Dad, brothers, sisters, … [Read more...]

Mondays are Great

The Mondays Are Great philosophy had its beginning for me 38 years ago. In the early challenges of starting a transportation company, often I made the actual deliveries. While delivering a package and obtaining a signature, I would fill those idle seconds with conversation, as most of us do in those moments -- “How are you,?” and “How is it going?” were my frequent questions. I was excited every moment of the day, including during those delivery experiences, because I was living my dream -- … [Read more...]

Are Positive People Ever Negative?

Have you wondered if positive people are ever negative? Do they get down or experience disappointment? Do they ever have a bad attitude? The truth is, bad things happen to everyone. All of us have challenges in life. There are disillusionments. We do not get everything we want. Sometimes we lose. We have family, friends and coworkers who suffer. There is sickness and death. What we expect does not always happen. Our deepest desires sometime become our largest disappointments. Life is … [Read more...]