A Worthwhile Purpose

When people first meet me and hear that I own a transportation company, they always ask what we deliver. It is their first question. I use to answer by describing the products we deliver or our geographical locations. My answer today is totally different. I say the following: “We save lives daily. We keep the wheels of commerce moving. We make your life at home comfortable.”

That answer usually elicits more questions. They really want to hear about saving lives. They are intrigued by my response. They want to know more. I am prepared at that moment to share the stories that back up these statements.

We will be asked these questions throughout our work career. And we will answer them as well. Does your own answer about your company inspire you? Is it interesting? Would a person be motivated to get up and do things your company does each day? Are you motivated by your answer? What is the worthwhile work of your company? What is the worthwhile work that you perform each day?

Most companies do work that matters. They do work that contributes to the lives of others. How they define this work makes a difference to those that buy their products and services. And, it will make a huge difference in the passion that they use to greet their day.

You are the author of your own story. How are you going to answer others about what you do and what your company represents? Write it down. Memorize it. Put it in your heart. It is a purpose worth living.