A Short Book about Leadership

“The Heart of a Leader,” by successful author Ken Blanchard, is a short book about leadership and is worth reading. I love reading and studying about leadership because it is a core factor in the success of organizations, and within families and marriages.

In this book, Mr. Blanchard describes a three-legged stool for success in business organizations: Raving Fan Customers, Gung Ho Employees, and financial strength. The first two in his list just happen to be the titles of other books he has authored. I choose to overlook this obvious marketing effort in the middle of his book because both of these books are fantastic.

“Gung-Ho” is required reading in the corporate training program of Hackbarth Delivery Service, Inc. We believe this book is vital to teaching our new associates about leadership, mission, and team. It suggests that leaders should encourage their teams by cheering them on, identifying the worthwhile work of the company — its mission and work as a team.

In “The Heart of a Leader,” I love one phrase Ken Blanchard uses: Fortunate 500 Company. He says that this group of companies has great relationships consisting of the following:

motivated customers who keep coming back
inspired employees who give their best each day
owners who enjoy profits made in an ethically fair manner
significant others who thrive on the mutual trust and respect they feel toward the company
Mr. Blanchard goes on to explain how to get these types of relationships.

If you are looking for a book that provides solid useable information on leadership, “The Heart of a Leader” is a great choice. With such a volume of choices in books on leadership, this is a great one that provides inspiration and training for the leaders in your company.

Another good book with a lot of leadership ideas is my first book, “There are No Small Moments.” To learn more, see now . . .

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